The Cold Months are Here. Is the Oil in Your Engine the Kind Your Car Needs?

Most people don't offer much thought to the kind of oil that goes in their car. They mostly just care that it's there and doing its job. Unfortunately, when winter arrives, not thinking about your oil can make a big difference between it doing its job and not.
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Why? During the warm seasons, oil pretty much works the way it's supposed to. When things get cold, however, its performance can degrade. Below the temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit, oil begins to thicken. This makes it harder for your engine to spread it to all the places it needs to go. This can deny your car the lubrication it needs to perform to its peak potential.

You can avoid this by getting an oil change and refreshing your car with oil intended for the winter. If you have concerns about your current oil, consider scheduling a service appointment with Williams Ford. Our service center in Sayre, PA can help you get the oil you need and take care of any other maintenance issues you have.

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