The time to prepare for trouble on the road is while you are still safe at home packing. The following road trip safety tips are designed to prepare you for many common problems that occur out on the highways.
  • Be sure that you have a spare tire and that is is properly inflated.
  • Bring along a box with a number of different tools for small emergencies.
  • Pack a couple of cans of tire fix-a-flat in case one or more tires go flat.
  • Pack a gallon of engine coolant or antifreeze in case the car overheats.
  • Change the wipers and replace washer fluid.
  • Bring a bunch of road flares so you can safely warn other drivers you are broke down.
  • Pack a tire gauge and check the tire pressure at each gas station you stop at to get gas.
Before you head out for the trip, stop by and let our team of auto technicians provide you with a pre-road-trip check-up.
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