The 2017 Ford Escape: Build the Driving Experience of Your Dreams

The 2017 Ford Escape gives you plenty of options to have the driving experience that you crave. You can choose the 6 Speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission, and when in sport mode you can enjoy manual control of your ride. You don't have to miss out on that sporty feeling just because you decide on having a more fuel efficient engine. The all-new Escape with EcoBoost has race-inspired steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. This allows for you to shift gears with ease and swiftness. This feature proves that there is no compromising your cool when you choose any model 2017 Ford Escape. Whether you're looking for options that help you to commute to and from work each day with a bit of excitement or if you want a nice ride that you can take on long trips in a more energy efficient manner, there is something for you. Let us help you build your dream ride. Visit us at our showroom.
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